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Scholarships & Awards

Contemporary Showcase Calgary provides over $2000 in scholarships to students every year through fees, donations, and sponsors. Every year, we also nominate students for consideration in the following ACNMP national award categories.

The Mary Gardiner Award of Performance Excellence

This award was established in 2010 to honour Mary Gardiner, an awarded composer, pianist, educator, mentor, great champion of Canadian music, and long-serving President of Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects. Each centre may submit a senior candidate (Grade 9 and above) and a Junior candidate (up to and including Grade 8).

The John Weinzweig Scholarship

To honour John Weinzweig, "the Dean of Canadian Composers," ACNMP is pleased to announce a scholarship for the performance of solo works by John Weinzweig or by a first or second generation Weinzweig student. The scholarship is funded by "John Weinzweig ONE HUNDRED YEARS 1913–2013". There will be a junior (up to and including Grade 8) and a senior (Grade 9 and up) scholarship.

The Mary Hildebrand Memorial Award for Performance Excellence

Mary Hildebrand was a teacher, composer, and dedicated supporter of Contemporary Showcase Mississauga. This award has been established by Mary’s family.

The Ann Southam Award

This performance excellence award is established in memory of pioneering Canadian composer Ann Southam by the Southam family. The award will recognize an outstanding performance of a work by a Canadian female composer.

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