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1. What do I do if the 2 pieces I want to play are listed in different class levels?

Enter both pieces in the lower class number.

2. What do I do if I don't see my piece or composer in the syllabus?

If you would like to perform a contemporary piece by a Canadian composer that is not in the syllabus, please submit your request by the deadline for approval by the committee (typically September 30). Send the name of the piece, the composer and a copy of the score, (a partial copy is ok if it provides a sufficient sample of the music.) Decisions regarding special requests are usually sent by email to the teacher.
Please check the syllabus carefully before submitting your special request. If you have received approval in the past, there is no need to seek approval each year for the same piece. 

3. What do I do if I missed the registration deadline?

Registrations must be received by the deadline in order to be processed and scheduled. Adhering to the deadlines helps us to respect the time and efforts of our administrator and volunteers. 

4. How do I know when my child will be scheduled to perform?

Schedules are emailed to teachers roughly 2-3 weeks before the Showcase. 

5. I have a scheduling conflict for part of the Showcase. Can I request a time? Will my fees be refunded if I can't attend? 


Registration fees will not be refunded after the registration deadline. You may note on the registration form if you have an extenuating circumstance regarding scheduling. Contemporary Showcase cannot make any guarantees to accommodate scheduling requests. Contemporary Showcase cannot make class changes after the schedule has been sent out to teachers. 

6. Do my pieces need to be memorized?

Contemporary Showcase does not require performers to memorize their pieces. We encourage students to study and perform Canadian works, whether polished or as a work in progress. 

7. Can I play/sing just one piece?

Check to see if the syllabus specifies 1 or 2 pieces. The beginner and intermediate classes usually specify 2 pieces, while some of the advanced classes specify a minimum time requirement. If you are unsure, please contact the committee for approval.  

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