Calgary Contemporary Showcase

A Showcase of Canadian Classical Music

A unique music experience in Canada, Contemporary Showcase is devoted to the learning and performance of Canadian classical compositions.

Contemporary Showcase is non-competitive, focused on encouraging our community to engage with contemporary composition styles.

A part of the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects (ACNMP), the "champion for Canadian music", we strive to connect students to our living musical heritage.
Calgary Contemporary Showcase 2022

Showcase Dates:

November 17th, 18th, 19th, 2022

More information to follow

2020 CS Voice Scholarship Recipient:
Annalina McDouall
'The Spider's Story', by J. Ryan and M. Gardiner

'Four is Wonderful', by M. Scott and R. Henderson
2018 Mary Gardiner Award of Performance Excellence: Arissa Xiang
'Thoughtful Rhino', by P. Rudzik
2020 CS Composition Scholarship Recipient:
Jerry Li
'God's Peace', by J. Li
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Founded in 1990 by composer Roberta Stephen, Calgary's Contemporary Showcase has held its musical festival every year, reaching thousands of students since its inception...

2020 CS Strings Scholarship Recipient:
Jeremiah Hardiansyah
'Tango', by M. Coghlan

We're grateful for our many donors over the past years! From arts organizations and small businesses to teachers, parents, and students, we couldn't do it without you! Thanks to...

2018 Ann Southam National Award - Senior: Mary Long
'Synergy', by M. Gardiner

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