Student Workshop 2021

As part of Calgary Contemporary Showcase 2021, we are thrilled to present Calgary new music ensemble Timepoint in a special workshop for our students (recommended ages 6-12 years). Registration is still open!

Date: Saturday, November 20th at 10:00-11:15am
Venue: Online, platform TBD
Cost: $15 per student

Graphic Score Workshop

The Graphic Score Workshop aims to build an environment where creativity and expression can flourish. Participants foster their own artistic agency to compose and perform their own completely new piece of music. Learning to recognize graphic score notational systems, or to devise their own, the Graphic Score Workshop encourages critical listening and builds self-expression through creative sound making. 

What happens?

Participants are guided through an exploration of sound-making using their chosen instruments, voice, or sound-making device. Standard graphic notation symbols and procedures are introduced gradually and progressively. Participants will be able to draw upon the pre-determined resources or develop their own notation systems to use in the creative process. Participants create their own composition with an emphasis on team-building, collaboration and community. Throughout the workshop, a piece of music is composed, developed, and performed.

Graphic Score workshop GRaphic 1.jpg
Graphic Score graphic 3.jpg
Graphic Score - Graphic 2 (what teachers